Exciting news! Due to overwhelming support, the Fight For Our Future campaign has been extended through Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.

It’s a troubling time for many Americans, especially for the LGBTQ community and the communities we lock arms with every day to create positive change.

The GLAAD Fight for Our Future campaign is for people who believe we must join together to defend equality, and fight for continued progress for LGBTQ people. All funds raised through midnight on January 20, 2017, will allow GLAAD to build on its critical work to protect all we have accomplished.

We are fighters. That’s the legacy of the LGBTQ community. Everything we have ever achieved is because we have fought for it, and this will be no different. This election may have been a hurdle to a more accepting future. But it will not stop the future. Only our silence and complacency can do that.

We urgently need your help to continue the fight for LGBTQ equality and acceptance.

Join GLAAD’s staff, and support the Fight for Our Future campaign.


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